July Taxcast

Naomi Fowler of TaxcastNaomi Fowler looks at Greece and the unity within Europe ‘a race to the bottom’.

A look at the crisis in Greece and ask whatever happened to European unity? Also: we discuss the European Parliament’s vote for multinational corporations to report their activities on a public, country by country basis: the push to give poorer nations a say in international tax rule-making fails after three days of three days of bullying in Addis Ababa BUT Tax Inspectors Without Borders gets the green light. Plus more scandal and unique analysis.

@Naomi_Fowler for the  @TaxJusticeNet and featuring John Christensen on the Tax Justice  Network, Professor of International Politics and Economics from the
University of East London, Vassilis Fouskas, @VassilisKFouska,
investigative journalist, economist, lawyer and Tax Justice Network
senior advisor James Henry @submergingmkt

Hemlock by Joyce Dore

Hemlock book coverThe daughters of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, were raped, sparking off an uprising that led to the sacking of Camulodunum (now Colchester). The people of East Anglia rose up against the Roman dictators led by their brave Queen. Boudica was captured and taken before Seutonius, Britain’s Roman ruler. He decides her fate. This fictional tale provides a very plausible answer to a mystery that has never been resolved.

Joyce Dore, the author, says thia book came to her in a series of dreams. She’d been driving across the Fens in East Anglia when she came across a woman, dressed in rags. She believed she was Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni.

Available as a ‘real book’ and an ebook: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/braiswick-21

Listen to an excellent review from a group of ladies in Felixstowe.

Felixstowe Forward

Helen Greengrass Change Director

This is the first of many pieces we shall include about Felixstowe Forward.

Immediately the impact of the launch of this great new intiative: Felixstowe Foward was confused by a local Councillor saying that the cliff is too unstable to support any funincular. That’s very unlikely.

A very good first meeting, over 100 people attended, all full of ideas. It shows there is real energy in our town, and we need to get started.


Felixstowe Forward

Spa Pavilion

Spa Pavilion FelixstoweGenerations of local people have been entertained at this theatre. Hardly maintained for years now the Council appear to have washed their hands of the place.

Recently it has been announced that NRG THEATRES LTD, a company formed on the 25th February 2015 , who are based in 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 have taken over the Spa. No other details have been announced

When 20 Felixstowe residents applied to manage the Spa Pavilion in 2006 we were told we didn’t have any financial history as a group.

Our group was packed full with the professionals needed, theatre folk, people from TV and radio, bankers, lawyers, accountants, local amateur dramatists. We wanted to take over the theatre this time but were not even considered

How does NRG Theatres, based in Tottenham, London with no track record qualify?

We need to see the contract SCDC has signed. Already there’s a strong rumour that NRG has other intentions. The centre picture below shows three of our Councillors and two people from NRG Theatres Ltd. To the left is a picture of how the gardens once looked. Pictures 1 & 3 are courtesy of Ipswich Star

What do you think should happen? Do you want a theatre? Would you rather see it converted to apartments?

NRG Theatres Ltd

A company registered in February 2015 have been given a contract by Suffolk Coastal District Council for the Spa Pavilion.

We have no more information than that.

Ray Anderson is the Managing Director of NRG Theatres Ltd, see below for more details. In addition the C4 TV programme about BigL radio at Frinton shows others involved:

Chris Vezey, the Big L Station Manager. He runs VIP Broadcasting: “VIP Broadcasting is now in its 16th year supplying programming and services to key radio stations worldwide, from award-winning productions to management consulting and coaching.” With particular reference to radio consultancy: “From start up to training and coaching, audience and revenue building, change management – talk to us about your requirements.”

Ian Roy Macgregor, one of the backers. He is currently Director / Company Secretary of Big L Ltd, and describes himself as a Recruitment Consultant. He was previously a director of Career Marketing Partnership Limited, Pedley Macgregor Limited, A S A P (Birmingham) Limited and Midland Voluntary Housing Limited, all of which are now no longer trading.

Adam Peter Barwell, the other backer. He is currently Director of Big L Ltd, and describes himself as a Care Home Owner. He is also a current Director of Citypledge Limited, Rigg Holdings Limited, Yorklease Limited, Wythall Residential Home Limited, Bournville Grange Limited and Tudor House Limited.

The last published accounts of Big L Ltd are to 31 March 2014, and show Total Assets of £58,578. There are Long Term Liabilities of -£1,816,091. Since incorporation on 5 October 2005 Big L Ltd has accrued losses of -£2,504,067.

Checking on the history of the main applicant we believe him to be Ray Anderson.

His company history is shown as:

Raymond George Frederick Anderson – “Born 63 years ago: 1951”

Tendring Community Radio Limited – Dissolved
Millennium Television Limited – Dissolved
East Anglian Productions Limited – Retired July 1998
Radio London Limited – Retired April 1998
Eleventh Hour Productions Limited – Retired April 1998

Raymond George Frederick Anderson – “Born 63 years ago: 1951”

Nrg Theatres Ltd – Incorporation date 25 Feb 2015

Registered Address / Trading Address
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
United Kingdom

Ray George Frederick Anderson – “Born 63 years ago: 1951”

August Broadcasting Limited – Incorporation date 17 Dec 2013
Nova Windows & Doors Limited – Incorporation date 22 Jan 2014
International Recruitment (London) Limited – Incorporation date 06 Mar 2014

Registered Address / Trading Address for all 3 of the above
7 Horsey Road
CO13 0DZ
United Kingdom

Radlon Media Limited – Dormant since 2004
Radio London International Limited – Dormant since 2004
Jumbo Press Ltd – Dormant since 2012

The Artistic Director is believed to be Vince Rayner http://www.vincerayner.co.uk/ who has never been involved in theatre management.

He has worked in as an bit-part actor in TV Hi-De-Hi, The Bill, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Miss Marple, Eastenders, Only Fools & Horses, Yes, Prime Minister, The Chief,Silent Witness, Vanity Fair, Lovejoy, David Copperfield, Small World, Rockcliffe’s Babies, East of Ipswich, Marjorie and Men, Killing on the Exchange, Executive Stress

FOI response

Just received an answer to FOI 32106:

Spa Pavilion cliff-face: why as part of Seafront Gardens project wasn’t the cliff behind
the Spa Pavilion made safe, and a stand-alone feature, rather than relying upon the
support of the Spa Pavilion?

The Felixstowe Seafront Gardens Restoration Project is by definition a gardens
restoration project and not a cliff stabilisation scheme and therefore the
stabilisation of the cliff behind the Spa Pavilion is outside the scope of the

Hours of officer time to produce response: 1 hour

SCDC has been asked under FOI 32106: Spa Pavilion cliff face not part of garden works so why has the Ranelagh Road cliff been reinforced,
and the old cafe in the gardens beside the Town Hall. Are you saying they were not cliff stabilisation projects that
they are ‘just’ gardening projects?
If so how much did they each cost as part of the Gardens Project?


We have served Suffolk Coastal Coastal District Council with a Freedom of Information request about the reported contract for this theatre.

It asks:

As a result of the publicity about the Spa Pavilion and a new contract we need answers to the following questions:

1. What is the nature of the contractual relationship entered into with NRG Theatres Ltd?

2. Is it a sale or lease agreement?

3. If a sale: What was the price paid for the Spa Pavilion?

4. Was it paid in full or will it be paid in installments?

5. Who will now own the curtilage, ie the land immediately surrounding it, including any closely associated buildings and structures?

6. Have the new owners been given any rates relief?

If a lease agreement;

7. How long will the agreement last, and is it renewable?

8. Will SCDC pay any future expenditure: maintenance, security, heat & light, repairs, staff costs?

General Questions

9. Have the owners given any financial guarantees regarding how much they will invest?

10. Have the new owners given any guarantees regarding how long they will trade?

11. Who are the backers?


12. Have SCDC done due diligence on the financial worthiness of the new owners / backers?

13. Is there a reversionary clause in the sale contract, whereby the ownership reverts to SCDC if NRG Theatres fail to comply with sale conditions or?

14. Has a detailed plan for refurbishing the building, and start of performances been submitted and agreed?

Anderson at BigL

‘Get Your Act Together with Harvey Goldsmith’ was a Channel 4 (UK) television programme in which promoter Harvey Goldsmith was given six months to help revive the fortunes of six entertainment businesses or performers. Each one was given a separate episode in the series.

Much of the show revolves around the battle between Goldsmith and the people who he is trying to help. The acts are often reluctant to take on board his advice, or even to change at all. Goldsmith is often frustrated at the slow pace at which those he is advising are progressing.

In this episode Harvey attempts to turn round the fortunes of ailing radio station Big L.

This was a follow-up show to ‘Get Your Act Together’ – on ‘sister’ channel E4 after the main programme had been aired on Channel 4. It featured Harvey Goldsmith with some of the main people behind Big L and a studio audience which included members of the public and some invited radio industry people.

The main programme can be found at http://youtu.be/Y0yY6dGnGB0


The pirate radio forum has another comment about Ray Anderson today, see http://members7.boardhost.com/PirateRadio/msg/1428926860.html

Another comment: I was delighted to see your website and that you have taken on the task of calling to task the local council over their unfathomable awarding of a contract to Ray Anderson’s newly-formed company

Bailiff note

A4 BailiffAs our company was a creditor of one of Anderson’s previous failed ventures, I would love to send you more information about him. The damage he has done to businesses and individuals is incredible. The fact that he constantly gets away with it, even more so. I have unfortunately been obliged to gather a great deal of information over the course of our dealings with him and the dubious Big L Ltd. We are aware that a number of employees of that company was forced to resort to litigation to obtain payment of the wages owed to them. Chris Vesey was one of them.

When the Pavilion story first appeared, I could not believe it. I tried to send info to the Ipswich Star anonymously, but with no response. I thought journalists were eager to act on anonymous tips?

Those involved in BigL the radio station run by Ray Anderson in Frinton are shown at http://www.spapavilion.co.uk/?p=25

The last published accounts of Big L Ltd are to 31 March 2014, and show Total Assets of £58,578. There are Long Term Liabilities of -£1,816,091. Since incorporation on 5 October 2005 Big L Ltd has accrued losses of -£2,504,067.

There’s a flood of comments on the Pirate Radio message board: http://members7.boardhost.com/PirateRadio/msg/1426521768.html

A comment made today: How could Suffolk Coastal take an offer seriously, from a company who only made 2 visits to the spa prior to completing the deal. They didn’t even have a survey carried out. So how an earth could they put forward an accurate business plan with no idea of money required to bring building up to required levels. The suggested 100k for a soft opening is a complete joke. The kitchen refit could swallow 60k! Oh I know so much more, some one has to be held responsible for this extremely floored deal. There is a rumour that planned opening is already going to be delayed due to asbestos being present within the spa.

Another message said:

That’s really interesting (and worrying) information about the Spa and its new owner. Thank you so much for exposing this. I assume this is the same pirate-radio-obsessed Ray Anderson whose illegal activities are referred to in this article http://wonderfulradiolondon.info/ and who operates the pirate radio museum in Clacton? BTW the London address is a virtual office that provides mail forwarding etc so I think we can assume he is operating from his home address in Frinton used for the other companies. The fact that he holds directorships in two names suggests that he is trying to hide his former failings as a company owner and court cases that appear to have been raised against those companies for copyright theft etc.

I agree this deal smacks of desperation and quite apart from this individual’s chequered history the lack of experience in live theatre production really is concerning. What is it that Andy Smith et al have against local talented people that they would not allow an experienced local group to take over this theatre but instead believe this retro-inspired broadcasting bungler to be more trustworthy? I suspect NO investigations were made into his past and I expect the reasons for his investment have nothing to do with the long term future of the theatre in Felixstowe and more to do with another platform for him to expound his nostalgia for Radio London via a location overlooking the sea.

Shocking. I can only hope the EADT, Radio Suffolk and others pick up on this. Thanks again for alerting the people of Felixstowe to this dodgy deal.

SpaMarch2015600pxCouncillor Andy Smith represents Felixstowe South on Suffolk Coastal District Council. He is Deputy Leader of the Council and a senior member of Cabinet, the inner sanctum of eight councillors, with responsibility for Economic development and policy, Business, Skills, Regional economy, Economic partnerships – LEP, City Deal, Tourism and coastal management.

These are heavy responsibilities placed on the shoulders of a man whose professional career, in part at least, was spent as a clerk at an engineering works.

He appears to be the driving force behind the decision to grant a contract to a recently formed company to to bring life back to the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe.

Ray Anderson, who lives in Kirby Cross, Essex, is the Managing Director of this new company, formed in February 2015.

His career has not been very successful, and is littered with dissolved companies, resignations and a poor credit rating. To demonstrate his business look at two videos, produced by C4 Television.

The first sees Harvey Goldsmith, a very successful entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, investigating Big L, a radio station run by Ray Anderson in Frinton, Essex.

‘Get Your Act Together with Harvey Goldsmith’ was a Channel 4 (UK) television programme in which promoter Harvey Goldsmith was given six months to help revive the fortunes of six entertainment businesses or performers. Each one was given a separate episode in the series.

This was followed by a show on ‘sister’ channel E4 after the main programme had been aired on Channel 4. It featured Harvey Goldsmith with some of the main people behind Big L, Ray is there but does not speak, and a studio audience which included members of the public and some invited radio industry people.

A glance at Ray Anderson’s business record should have raised suspicions, but nobody at Suffolk Coastal DC has revealed any information about the contract so it is difficult to judge.