July Taxcast

Naomi Fowler of TaxcastNaomi Fowler looks at Greece and the unity within Europe ‘a race to the bottom’.

A look at the crisis in Greece and ask whatever happened to European unity? Also: we discuss the European Parliament’s vote for multinational corporations to report their activities on a public, country by country basis: the push to give poorer nations a say in international tax rule-making fails after three days of three days of bullying in Addis Ababa BUT Tax Inspectors Without Borders gets the green light. Plus more scandal and unique analysis.

@Naomi_Fowler for the  @TaxJusticeNet and featuring John Christensen on the Tax Justice  Network, Professor of International Politics and Economics from the
University of East London, Vassilis Fouskas, @VassilisKFouska,
investigative journalist, economist, lawyer and Tax Justice Network
senior advisor James Henry @submergingmkt

Hemlock by Joyce Dore

Hemlock book coverThe daughters of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, were raped, sparking off an uprising that led to the sacking of Camulodunum (now Colchester). The people of East Anglia rose up against the Roman dictators led by their brave Queen. Boudica was captured and taken before Seutonius, Britain’s Roman ruler. He decides her fate. This fictional tale provides a very plausible answer to a mystery that has never been resolved.

Joyce Dore, the author, says thia book came to her in a series of dreams. She’d been driving across the Fens in East Anglia when she came across a woman, dressed in rags. She believed she was Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni.

Available as a ‘real book’ and an ebook: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/braiswick-21

Listen to an excellent review from a group of ladies in Felixstowe.

Felixstowe Forward

Helen Greengrass Change Director

This is the first of many pieces we shall include about Felixstowe Forward.

Immediately the impact of the launch of this great new intiative: Felixstowe Foward was confused by a local Councillor saying that the cliff is too unstable to support any funincular. That’s very unlikely.

A very good first meeting, over 100 people attended, all full of ideas. It shows there is real energy in our town, and we need to get started.


Felixstowe Forward

need to be loved

firebombThis is the story that appeared in the EADT, 21st October 2005. No more information ever came to light, but it seems someone was out to get Ray Anderson, who was believed to be living there at the time. He was rumoured to have borrowed money from some somewhat dodgy individuals. His father had a lucky escape.

One of his other creditors was asked by the police if he knew of anyone who might hold a grudge. He burst out laughing!

Spa Pavilion update

There has been great discussion about the Spa Pavilion theatre/restaurant complex in Felixstowe. Allegedly sold to NRG Theatres Ltd for £1.

This story has been well-documented at http://www.spapavilion.co.uk but that site has been closed down because of a complaint – we are trying to discover why, and who made the complaint.spa

The Atlanta at Pier Gap in Clacton houses a museum of pirate radio.

There’s been rumours lately that the rent has not been paid, and Tendring District Council, owners of the building, are now seeking a new tenant. The rumours are not completely correct. Tendring District Council have, I understand, given the museum free tenancy until October.

As the previous tenant was Ray Anderson we may see the museum moved to Felixstowe very soon.

Whether it goes to the Spa Pavilion or to Felixstowe Radio’s new facility (the former Coe’s) is yet to be decided.


A Word of the Week: I look at a difficult world that is often bandied about – but what does it mean, how does it improve our society?

Oh dear – let’s start with a poem about ‘Green’.

Then, what does it mean to be British? Why isn’t East Anglia regarded as a separate entity – like Wales?

There’s more – listen.

Downing of the Black Cat by Brian Blackmore

The Downing of the Black CatA German bomber crashes in the River Orwell, the pilot and a young boy are found alive. Years later a private detective is faced with a challenge.

Brian Blackmore has waited until his 80th year to publish his first novel. The book is published to coincide with the Felixstowe Book Festival. Brian, the author, Katherine Kane the proofreader, Mandeep Bird and Trevor Lockwood, the publisher, are all Felixstowe residents.

Composting Part Five: Jan Candy

Koan (Jan Candy)

Inspiring people? Certainly folk who have interesting lives keep you interested, and they may spark off something that gets you doing something worthwhile!

Jan Candy is one such person. Since we recorded this show she has been ordained as a Buddhist monk.




Morag Clarke (as was) interviews Trevor Lockwood


Newbourne Nature Reserve
Trevor with friends at Newbourne Nature Reserve – perhaps taken by Ann

Trevor is leaning against the gate in the centre of the photograph.

This interview was recorded some time ago. It’s not good quality but it is a record. It’s place here is in some measure to register my disgust that our theatre can be given away for just £1, and by a man (Councillor Geoff Holdcroft) who has no association with the town. A local group tried to save the theatre – see www.spapavilion.co.uk but failed.

Hopefully we can interview others involved in the cultural scene of Felixstowe.